Julioberto’s Fresh Mexican Food has been serving the Valley of the Sun since October 2009, as a family operated business. We take pride in showing our appreciation by giving back to OUR community as well as in our great tasting food and family recipes. Please come and visit your Julioberto’s Boxing Gym located at 28th St & Thomas (Behind the Julioberto’s restaurant) that we created and fund for OUR community kids. To keep them active and be around mentors that will inspire them, to want and be more in life.

We want and will always welcome you to be part of our “FAMILIA”, as well we want to be part of yours.

A little bit about our story…

The Founder Julio A Mancillas, is 1 out of 9 children born in Santo Domingo in the state of San Luis Potosin, Mexico. His parents are entrepreneurs grazing cattle on their land and hard workers as well. In 1986 Mr. Mancillas left his beloved town, Santo Domingo San Luis Potosin in search of better opportunities for himself and his family. He arrived in San Diego, CA, where he began working for “Alberto’s” Mexican Food for 9 years. Alberto’s owners were from San Luis Potosin as well, they were starting their food chain at the time. “Roberto’s” was the first restaurant in California that was the blueprint of all the restaurant chains that followed, which the owner was from San Luis Potosin, Mexico.

In 1995 Mr. Mancillas had the opportunity to open his own restaurant located at 32nd St &  Indian School in Phoenix Arizona and be part of the huge family of “Filiberto’s” because of his experience since 1986 working for “Alberto’s” in CA, he was a very big asset to the new restaurant chain. In 2003 was the start of his mission and journey to expand in Arizona with 3 other restaurants. In October 2009, he decided to take the next step, he knew it was a big risk to start his own restaurant chain. He had the support of his family, friends, loyal employees, great customers and a whole lot of experience in the restaurant business. He took the plunge… 11 “Julioberto’s Fresh Mexican Food” Franchise restaurants were born as of 2015, which five are family owned by his sisters and brothers.

The Journey has not been easy, but thanks to all the support of his family, friends, employees and “YOU” our loyal customers. We are who we are today, and with your continued loyalty we will take pride in serving the Valley of the Sun with our freshest, great tasting dishes and AWESOME customer service. We are honored to be part of your “FAMILIA”…

Thank YOU!!!